We are the largest transporter of carbon dioxide in North America, transporting approximately 1.2 billion cubic feet per day of CO2 from our source fields in Southwest Colorado to New Mexico and West Texas for use in enhanced oil recovery (EOR) projects. The CO2 helps unlock and recover crude oil from mature oil fields and residual oil zones. We use a good portion of this CO2 in our own EOR projects, and we sell CO2 to third-party customers. On the production side, we produce over 50,000 barrels of oil per day, much of which comes from our large SACROC Unit in the Permian Basin of West Texas. We use a long-term hedging strategy to mitigate risk and generate more stable prices from our oil production.

Barrels of natural gas liquids per day produced from our EOR operations

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Barrels of oil per day produced
from our EOR operations
Enhanced Oil Recovery

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The Goldsmith Landreth San Andres Unit (GLSAU) is comprised of approximately 6,166 acres located in the Permian Basin of West Texas. Kinder Morgan CO2 acquired GLSAU in June 2013 and owns an approximate 99 percent working interest in the unit. An active development and stimulation program has increased oil production to more than 1,800 barrels of oil per day, the CO2 flood continues. The GLSAU is not only a CO2 flood project in the main pay zone, but it also targets the residual oil zone (ROZ) for enhanced recovery. The ROZ has a target that almost doubles the amount of tertiary oil recovery expected from the Goldsmith Unit.
Katz Unit
Kinder Morgan CO2 operates and owns an approximate 99 percent working interest in the Katz Strawn unit. The unit is comprised of approximately 7,200 acres located in the Permian Basin in Stonewall, King, Knox and Haskell counties, Texas.
Discovered in 1948, the SACROC unit is one of the largest and oldest oil fields in the United States using carbon dioxide flooding technology. The field is comprised of approximately 50,000 acres located in the Permian Basin in Scurry County, Texas. Kinder Morgan owns an approximate 97 percent working interest in SACROC and has expanded the development of the carbon dioxide project initiated by previous owners and increased production over the last several years. Kinder Morgan continues to effectively develop this mature field through innovative use of seismic data, lateral drilling and advanced conformance techniques.
Tall Cotton Field
Kinder Morgan CO2 Company’s Tall Cotton Field is located in the Permian Basin northwest of the City of Seminole in Gaines County, Texas. Tall Cotton is the industry’s first greenfield Residual Oil Zone (ROZ) CO2 project and marks the first time a field without a main pay zone has been specifically developed for CO2 technology.
Yates Field
Kinder Morgan CO2 holds an approximate 50 percent working interest in the Yates Field - one of the largest oil fields ever discovered in the United States. The field is comprised of approximately 26,000 acres located about 90 miles south of Midland, Texas. Kinder Morgan's plan over the last several years has been to maintain overall production levels and increase ultimate recovery from Yates by combining horizontal drilling with carbon dioxide injection to ensure a relatively steady production profile.

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Bravo Dome
Kinder Morgan CO2 holds ownership interest in, but does not operate, the Bravo Dome unit in northeastern New Mexico. The Bravo Dome unit covers an area of approximately 1,400 square miles, and production stems from the Tubb Sandstone at 2,300 feet.
Doe Canyon Deep
Kinder Morgan CO2 holds an ownership interest in and operates the Doe Canyon Deep unit in southwestern Colorado. The Doe Canyon unit is approximately 53,000 acres and has been in production since 2008. The CO2 that is produced at Doe Canyon is transported via the Cortez pipeline to enhanced oil recovery projects in eastern New Mexico and West Texas.

The Doe Canyon Unit also produces crude helium, which is extracted by and sold to a world-leading industrial gases company.
McElmo Dome
Kinder Morgan CO2 holds an ownership interest in and operates the McElmo Dome unit in southwestern Colorado. The McElmo Dome is approximately 203,000 acres and is one of the world’s largest known accumulations of nearly pure CO2 with about 5 trillion cubic feet of recoverable CO2 remaining to be produced. The McElmo Dome has been in production since 1983.
CO2 Pipelines

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Bravo Pipeline
The 20-inch Bravo Pipeline, owned by Occidental Permian, Kinder Morgan CO2 and XTO Energy, runs 218 miles to the Denver City Hub and has a capacity of 382 MMCFD, delivering CO2 at 1800-1900 psi. Major delivery points along the line include the Slaughter field in Cochran and Hockley counties, Texas, and the Wasson field in Yoakum County, Texas.
Central Basin Pipeline
The Central Basin Pipeline is owned by Kinder Morgan CO2 Company, L.P. The line varies in diameter from 26 inches at Denver City down to 16 inches near McCamey, Texas. The present capacity of the line is 600 MMCFD, but if power were added, the capacity could be increased to 1,200 MMCFD.

The El Mar Lateral is part of the Central Basin Pipeline system.
Cortez Pipeline
The Cortez Pipeline serve the McElmo Dome and Doe Canyon CO2 source fields in southwestern Colorado. Kinder Morgan operates the approximately 500 mile Cortez Pipeline which carries CO2 from the McElmo Dome and Doe Canyon to the Denver City, Texas, hub. The Cortez pipeline system is capable of transporting 1.5 billion cubic feet of CO2 per day.
Canyon Reef Carriers Pipelines
Kinder Morgan CO2 Company, L.P. owns the Canyon Reef Carriers (CRC) pipeline. The CRC pipeline, constructed in 1972, is the oldest CO2 pipeline in West Texas. The CRC pipeline extends 140 miles from McCamey, Texas, to Kinder Morgan CO2's SACROC field. This pipeline is 16 inches in diameter and has a capacity of approximately 270 MMCFD.
Eastern Shelf Pipeline
Kinder Morgan CO2's Eastern Shelf Pipeline consists of approximately 91 miles of pipe located in the Permian Basin, beginning near Snyder, Texas, and ending west of Knox City, Texas. The Eastern Shelf pipeline has a capacity of 110 million cubic feet per day.
Pecos Pipeline
Kinder Morgan CO2 Company owns 95% of the Pecos pipeline, which transports CO2 from McCamey, Texas to Iraan, Texas and delivers to Kinder Morgan’s Yates Field.
Crude Pipelines

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Wink Pipeline
Kinder Morgan CO2 owns the Wink Pipeline. This 450-mile Texas intrastate crude oil pipeline system consists of three mainline sections, two gathering systems and truck delivery stations. The pipeline allows Kinder Morgan CO2 to better manage crude oil deliveries from its oil field interests in West Texas. Kinder Morgan CO2 has entered into a long-term throughput agreement to transport crude oil to a refinery in El Paso, Texas. The Wink Pipeline delivers approximately 145,000 barrels of oil per day.